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    4-in-1 Garlic Masher

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    4-in-1 Garlic Masher

    The 4-in-1 Garlic Masher will make mincing garlic an easier task! Save time and effort as this tool will speed up your prep time in the kitchen.]


    Minced every garlic glove perfectly.

    Designed for getting a perfectly even mince every time, no garlic goes to waste or gets stuck in the chamber, and every bit is saved for flavor.

    Effortless and more comfortable to use.

    Most garlic presses require strong hands to operate and their vertical squeezing action can often be awkward to use. With the 4 in 1 Garlic Press, the squeezing force is applied horizontally, which is much more comfortable and utilizes the power of the shoulders as well. 

    Multipurpose garlic press.

    Crush garlic, ginger, and nuts with ease. Can also be used for peeling and slicing garlic. Use our amazing garlic peeler/roller to get the job done.

    Fast and mess-free.

    With comfortable, soft ergonomic grip handles, you can keep your hands clean and mince perfect pieces with one easy squeeze.

    Built to last.

    Constructed with heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, this durable garlic press will be your favorite kitchen utensil forever.

    Easy to use.

    Put garlic clove(s) inside the chamber. Close pressing plate. Squeeze handles together. Simple!


    4-in-1 Garlic Masher x 1



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