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    Adjustable Pressure Hose Plug

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    Adjustable Pressure Hose Plug

    Transform any ordinary hose into a high-performing spray washer instantly with the Adjustable Pressure Hose Plug!


    Convenient and efficient.

    This simple and compact nozzle from shoots out strong jets of water over long distances, making it perfect for chores that require some water pressure. 

    Adjustable and multiple patterns.

    This has powerful and efficient jet and wide spray settings. Comes with multiple spray patterns that are easy to adjust and designed with flow volumes that are easy to move at your fingertips. 

    Easy to use.

    To use, you twist the nozzle in one direction to find the pattern you need. The nozzle twists smoothly, and the spray patterns transition well into each other. Use this to water the plants, wash the car, clean the sidewalk or spray down the drain, and more.

    Wash hard-to-reach areas.

    The high pressure and long spray distance are a great combo for attacking dirty surfaces from afar. Great for hard-to-access areas.


    Fitted with o-ring seals at the back and front for a watertight connection that prevent any leaks. Just attach this to any normal hose that you have and you’re good to go.


    1 x Adjustable Pressure Hose Plug



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