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    Mini Aquarium Bio-Filter

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    Mini Aquarium Bio-Filter

    This mini fish tank filter combines effective methods of filtration to improve water flow and oxygenation, which help in removing contaminants and maintaining a healthy environment for your aquarium pets.


    Harry Taylor, USA

    This biochemical filter is very small yet delivers amazing flow rate. It really keeps my fish safe from ammonia toxicity. Great for an aquarium with medium fish load and minimal plants. I put this in a separate tank, so visually it stays out of the way while still doing an awesome job of purifying the tank water.


    Max Brown, UK

    This filter comes with sponges that collect most of the waste. It's ultra-quiet and really effective in filtering my small tank. I've had this filter running non stop on my tank for nearly two months with no issues. The mini size makes it easy to place and use.


    Daisy Pearson, USA

    This is so compact and easy to set up and operate! I highly recommend the Aquarium Bio Filter for your fish tank. Breaks down the fish pee and poop and keeps the tank water toxic-free! This product gives a sufficient surface area that the bacteria can attach to and keeps the water flowing. Will definitely repurchase.


    A Small Filter makes Big Impact

    Maintaining a healthy, non-toxic aquarium with clean water requires scrubbing and changing the tank water with new water regularly. But these steps are not enough to make sure that your aquarium is free from contaminants and other toxins. This is where aquarium filters come in.

    The Aquarium Bio Filter’s 3 Serial Filtration System

    The Aquarium Bio Filter combines the three types of filtration: biological, chemical, and mechanical. 

    Mechanical filtration - A more straightforward process, which often includes a physical barrier that traps debris and wastes that are floating around in the aquarium water before they decay into harmful substances.

    Chemical filtration - Method by which chemical additives remove the dissolved wastes and toxins from the water. This mini box-shaped filter uses activated pneumatic carbon to chemically purify the tank water. As the water flows through, the activated carbon will absorb the excess chlorine, protein buildup, odors and discoloration in the water, and other small particles and dissolve them.

    Biological filtration - Involves the use of beneficial bacteria to eliminate toxins in the aquarium water. It is important to keep the water oxygen-rich so these bacteria could thrive. The Aquarium Bio Filter functions as a host of good bacteria. This biochemical filter contains small pebbles inside, which provide a great surface area where the beneficial bacteria colonies can grow. 

    Its cylinder-shaped internal filter with an attached tube allows water to pass through, breaking down the toxic ammonia, which usually comes from the fish waste, and nitrate and turning them into the less harmful compound nitrate. This whole process keeps the aquarium’s environment safe and contaminant-free.


    The Aquarium Bio Filter is constructed with a sponge inside, which catches these impurities and traps them inside the filter. This sponge needs to be cleaned using the aquarium water, as top water can kill the beneficial bacteria that are growing inside the sponge.

    The Aquarium Bio Filter is proven to be effective in:

    • Removing debris, contaminants, toxins, and harmful chemicals from the tank water
    • Creating air bubbles and water flow that enhance chemical and biological filtration
    • Maintaining oxygen-rich water to ensure a non-toxic aquarium environment
    • Converting ammonia, nitrate, or nitrite in the water, creating a healthy environment for your fish
    • Completely eliminating dissolved wastes from the water
    • Getting rid of the water odor and discoloration
    • Delivering long-term use as it is made of premium, durable materials. It also easy to carry and use.

    This biochemical sponge filter can be used with any type of small to mid-sized aquarium. It actively breaks down wastes and prevents bacteria caused by the lack of water flow. Amazingly, the filtration doesn't entirely stop without a power source. The biological filtration continues and helps keep the fish healthy. I highly recommend this compact yet durable fish tank filter!” - William Riley, aquarist and content creator, Your Aqua Source


    Leon Thomas raves about the Aquarium Bio Filter

    I'm new to this mini biochemical sponge filter, so I am still observing and learning. I like to try out different types of filtration. But leaning more towards sponge filtration.

    I purchased the Aquarium Bio Filter originally for a small 5 gallon tank, but ended up adding to my overstocked Guppy tank. The sponge filter from a different brand that I originally used to support the tank could not handle the load. So, I added this filter and it made a huge difference. On a tank with a proper amount of fish, I believe this biochemical filter could support the tank on its own.

    I plan on purchasing a second one for a 5 gallon Marineland tank that had an awful built-in overflow filter that I just recently got rid of. This bio filter provides more than enough airflow to support the tank. In terms of wide applications and ease of use, I highly recommend the Aquarium Bio Filter.


    Product Specifications:

    • Product net weight: 0.2 kg/pc
    • Material: non-toxic PVC
    • Color: Blue, White & Green


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Mini Aquarium Bio-Filter



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