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    EasyRemove Gel Dust Roller

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    EasyRemove Gel Dust Roller

    Remove lint, hair, dust, thread, pet hair in seconds. Whether you have a pet or simply want to keep your clothes lint-free, this will be your new go-to for quick and efficient clean-up!


    Quick and easy.

    These gel lint rollers make it faster and easier to clean any surface including fabrics, furniture, curtains, pillows, carpets, and floors. This uses a soft and super sticky gel that sinks into hard-to-reach areas to lift out deep-rooted dust, lint, and grime that traditional rollers would miss.

    Extra sticky roller.

    Made with a super sticky washable silicone-like gel that picks up lint and hair but leaves no residue or marks, and never loses stickiness. The super sticky gel quickly and easily removes pet hair, fluff, lint, and dust on clothing, carpet, rugs, couch, and car seats.

    Washable and reusable.

    Save time and money, as this roller is washable and reusable! Simply rinse under the tap to reuse. The gel lint roller never loses stickiness. Will last for years with no refills or additional purchases necessary.

    Lightweight and portable.

    Remove lint, hair, dust, thread, pet hair, and more easily and quickly wherever you are. This can be used at home, office, or vehicle. Small enough to fit in your pocket, or bag making it great for travel. You can even store it in your car for emergencies! 



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