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    Elastic Food Wrap

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    Elastic Food Wrap

    If cling wrap makes you mad, try this! Easily stash your leftover food and preserve food like a pro with the Elastic Band Fresh Wrap! 



    Easy food storage. 

    From prepping meals and storing leftovers in the kitchen to packing lunches and snacks on the go, this Food Wrap Zipper has you covered. 

    All-purpose lid. 

    When stretched over a plate, bowl or container correctly, Food Wrap Zipper creates an airtight seal, meaning your food stays fresher in the fridge and easily extends the life of your food.

    Reusable and cost-efficient. 

    Say goodbye to cling wrap, baking paper, tin foil, and buying new container lids. These multipurpose food wrap zippers will help you save money and keep food fresh for longer, unlike single-use plastic cling wrap. 

    Leak-proof and spill-free. 

    Strong enough to contain liquids, this is the ultimate storage option to seal & cover unique shaped items while sealing 10x tighter than any other wrap.


    Can be used to cover things that need to be covered. Not just for food but also can be used to cover your hair, store your shoes, and more! Wraps everything from popcorn to your bike chair. making this ideal for all storage. A must-have for every home.



    1 x Elastic Band Fresh Wrap (100pcs set)



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