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    Instant Stain Remedy Pen

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    Instant Stain Remedy Pen

    This portable, multi-purpose stain remover pen contains an instant stain-removing formula that is tough on stains but gentle on fabrics.

    Cameron Chambers, UK

    This is by far the best stain remover for clothes. I accidentally dropped ketchup down my shirt, and a few swipes of this stain remedy pen removed all of the ketchup in mere minutes. No smudging & no rinsing! This is my on-the-go stain remover from now on.


    Zara Rees, AU

    I'm a little clumsy, so keeping wet wipes and compact stain removers in my purse is a must for me. This Instant Stain Remedy Pen is a lifesaver for me because I’m a spill person. A few days ago, I was walking to the bus and decided it was a great decision to drink coffee while walking and spilled coffee on my pale pink blouse. This was effective in removing all of the coffee stains. And it's small enough to be carried around.


    Kieran Campbell, USA

    This works best on smaller stains. Sweat stains are usually on a much larger area. I’ve had a lot of success removing those using this stain removal pen. I worked into the stain before a wash. It would take minutes or more liquid to remove underarm and neck stains, but this worked!


    What happens when you accidentally smudge your lipstick on your blouse's collar or spill coffee to your dress shirt as you're rushing out the door on the way to work? Not everyone's always prepared for these situations. That is why keeping a portable stain remover pen in your bag can come in handy.

    Having a stain remover to reach into when things like these happen is beneficial as it treats the spot right away. This allows you to save your garment and tackle stains that might be hard to remove later once hours have passed and the stains have dried up.

    Rinse-free, Instant Stain-fighting Formula + Precise Pen Application Design

    The Instant Stain Remedy Pen is specifically formulated to remove all kinds of stains, including food, oil and cosmetic stains, beverages, ketchup, and outside dirt. It contains lemon extract and non-ionic surfactant that penetrates deeply into the fiber of your clothing and quickly decomposes stains.

    This mild formula works on all fabrics. So whether you're applying it on anything made of cotton, hemp, polyester fiber, blending, denim, or synthetic fiber materials, the stain removal solution will not affect the quality of the fabric. No corrosive effect or discoloration. The formula is even safe and gentle enough to the skin.

    This emergency stain removal pen combines portability and ease of use. Its detachable nib efficiently distributes a sufficient amount of solution on the stained surface, while the brush head allows you to gently rub the area until the stain or grease disappears. With convenient and compact design, the Instant Stain Remedy Pen is also suitable for outdoor and emergency use.

    The Benefits of Instant Stain Remedy Pen:

    • Effectively removes all types of stains, including coffee, tea, wine, milk, cola, oil, sauce, etc.
    • Practical and easy to use. Product solution is easy to dispense and cleans sudden stains in seconds!
    • Rinse-free & mild formulation deeply penetrates the fiber and dissolves stains without harming the fabric or the color of your clothes
    • Portable design makes it easy to carry and suitable for outdoor and emergency use
    • Works on a variety of fabric clothing (cotton, denim, linen, polyester, blended, down jackets, etc.)

    I’ll be honest. I’ve been burned by stain remover pens before. They often dry up before I can ever use them and seem to smear the stain more than actually remove it. The Instant Stain Remedy Pen changed my mind. The little pen did a decent job removing stains on my shirt. Even with some pretty intensive scrubbing, I found that it didn’t damage the fibers in the shirt at all.” - Cora Jacobs, home & lifestyle content creator


    Lisa McCartney puts the Instant Stain Remedy Pen’s efficacy and versatility to the test by using it in 3 different fabrics. And these are the results:

    First use

    I spilled coffee on my gray workout pants right before heading out to the gym. I used this stain removal pen on the polyester fabric and it removed the stain in seconds without the need to rinse it with water. It was very easy to use. The packaging made it easy to release the solution without spills or mess.

    Second use

    My daughter dropped spaghetti sauce on her white cotton t-shirt and I immediately reached out for this pen. It easily lifted the sauce stains without breaking up the shirt's fibers. Although it was effective in removing MOST of the stains, I just used this as a pre-laundry cleaning solution.

    Third use

    I used this again, but this time, on my upholstered white couch. Amazingly, it works! This product removed the dried up, stubborn stains on my couch without smearing the stains. Very impressed. The Instant Stain Remedy Pen definitely outperforms the other portable stain removal products I’ve used before. 


    Product Specifications:

    • Item Form: Liquid
    • Net Weight: 9ml


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Instant Stain Remedy Pen



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