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    Leak-Proof Spray Seal

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    Leak-Proof Spray Seal

    This water-based sealant has super-strong, anti-leakage properties that effectively seal and repair broken or cracked surfaces, and can be used to waterproof a variety of surfaces.

    Peter Turner, Tucson, Arizona

    I used this leak-proof spray on my exterior walls and floors using a brush and it's so easy to work with. It can even penetrate hard-to-reach areas such as cracks, leaving a protective, super strong seal. The spray application really expedites the coating process. I highly recommend this product!


    William Lawson, Oakland, California

    This sealant is designed for exterior application. It's strong enough to withstand any harsh weather. Believe me, I applied this on my roof leaks, and I haven't experienced any water seepage in months. Highly durable. No odor output. Fantastic slump and water resistance. I am very impressed with this product.


    Gabriel Burke, Medford, Oregon

    This is a really amazing waterproofing product to protect the home from external moisture. This has everything you're looking for to repair leaks and prevent water seepage and further damage. I won't be repurchasing because obviously I don't need to use it anymore. The best waterproofing performance with breathable formulation and ease of use. Highly recommended!


    An All-around Waterproofing Agent.

    Home exterior such as roofs and walls are always exposed to different outdoor elements such as rainwater or high humidity. This constant exposure leads to water and moisture penetrating through the surface, and this prolonged dampness causes damage and leaks.


    The Leak-Proof Spray Seal is a water-based glue that is reliable enough to repair leaky or damaged surfaces and provide construction waterproofing. When applied on the surface, this sealant provides a strong but flexible protective layer that seals water seepage through holes and cracks in foundation surfaces and in toilets, window sills, and external walls.


    Powerful Sealant Formula

    This powerful solution solves a wide variety of water leakage problems around the property, from roof leaks to bathroom tile cracks. Its strong adsorption effect quickly bonds to most surfaces that need permanent protection.

    The innovative anti-leak spray formula also contains quick-drying but long-lasting ingredients that produce a strong waterproof layer after curing for about 24 to 48 hours. Once it dries, the waterproof layer can only become more durable over time as it adopts a foreign osmotic crystallization technology. When the waterproof surface encounters water, it will produce fine white crystals, close the water channel, and make the water droplets float on the surface.

    Its hydrophobic properties provide environmental protection, penetration wear resistance, and transparency. You don't have to worry about the surface sagging or dripping even under high temperatures in summer. The waterproof will also not crack or flake in harsh winter weather.

    With its high bonding strength, you can use the Leak-Proof Spray Seal on any building materials to seal gaps, joints, and leaks and on both colored and colorless surfaces. The best part is the Leak-Proof Spray Seal is transparent, non-yellowing, non-toxic and pollution-free, making it safe and convenient to work with.

    The Leak-Proof Spray Seal can be used to:

    • Repair roof and foundation surface leaks, cracks, and damage
    • Seal and protect many types of surfaces
    • Prevent water and moisture from seeping through surface cracks, exterior walls, toilets and window sills
    • Provide a strong waterproof coating for bathroom tiles

    There is a lot of speculation about whether or not waterproofing spray works. The short answer is that yes, waterproofing spray does in fact work. In particular, the Leak-Proof Spray Seal can effectively repel water on any surface when used correctly. It protects the surface from any liquid or moisture. Just follow the application instructions closely in order to properly waterproof exterior walls, roof, and concrete and obtain great results.” - Anthony Woods, YouTube influencer.


    How to use:

    • Clean the construction surface to ensure the surface is free of moisture.
    • Spray the product directly to the construction area and then smooth the surface with a brush.
    • Wait for 24 hours to dry. Do not touch the wet surface during this period.
    • The waterproof layer can be formed after curing for a period of time.


    Product Specifications:

    • Capacity: 30ml
    • Size: 10 x 3 cm


    Package includes:

    1 x Leak-Proof Spray Seal



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