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    Microwave Bacon Rack

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    Microwave Bacon Rack

    The Microwave Bacon Rack lets you prepare bacon in mere minutes, less oil, and without any mess, offering a quick and healthy alternative to cooking everyone’s favorite breakfast treat!


    • Easy-to-use, no-flip bacon rack. This convenient, microwavable bacon rack speeds up the cooking, giving you perfectly cooked, crispy bacon in just around 5 minutes. Simply hang the bacon strips over the bars, place one sheet of roller towel over it, and put the rack into the microwave. No flipping, no mess!

    • Say no to burnt bacon. When cooked inside the microwave, the 360 heat distribution circulates and evenly cooks the bacon while retaining all the flavors.

    • Made of high quality, heat-resistant materials. The rack is made of non-toxic, sturdy plastic material that is high temperature-resistant and not easily deformed. It is also reusable, making this rack an every bacon-lover’s dream!

    • Reduces fat by up to 35%. Since the rack cooks the bacon while hanging instead of laying them flat, the fat drips away from each strip, reducing the oil by up to 35% and resulting in healthier, leaner, and crunchier bacon texture.

    • No grease splatters. Easy-to-clean bacon rack comes with a pan on the bottom, which catches all the juicy drippings, fats, and oils. No more splatters on your cook-top, counters, and floors! The rack is also resistant to oil, making it easy to clean and wash in a dishwasher.



      • Material: Plastic
      • Color: White
      • Quantity:1 x bacon rack
      • Package Size: 23 x 16 x 3.5cm


      • 1 x  Microwave Bacon Rack / 2 x   Microwave Bacon Rack / 3 x   Microwave Bacon Rack 



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